Art Central 2023: Fine Line - Jason Ho solo exhibition

Halls 3FG, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wan Chai, 21 - 25 March 2023 
Fine Line is a solo exhibition by renowned artist and architect Jason Ho (b. 1993, UK) presented at Art Central 2023.

This year, Ho’s collection entices the audience with an alluring abstraction of time and space. Each canvas acts as a portal - one moment is immediately replaced by the next, propelled ever-forward with ethereal transitions. Elements of the past, present, and future all dance to a beat that is in itself a distinctive expression of timelessness.

Through abstract yet intricate details, Ho’s collection perfects the balance between expressionism and realism. Time and symmetry take centre stage in these works - space-making becomes the essential element for birthing structures and portals that help us understand our shared experience. 

The canvases are transformed into a space for dialogue and reflection - the use of light, texture, and colour transforms each piece into a tangible emotional journey, in which the audience can immerse themselves and explore the complexities of temporality and space, enabling them to observe the juncture where space, material, and time intertwine. Ho conducts an orchestra that features his iconic fine lines and nuanced compositions to create dynamically complex, yet, perfect visual harmony on the canvases.

Ho’s collection in Art Central 2023 exemplifies the different dimensions of his multifaceted and masterful artistry. They invite the audience to explore how minute changes in each shade and stroke can influence one’s perception. By showcasing a unique blend of abstractionism, expressionism, and realism, he evokes a sense of inquisitiveness to the complexities we encounter in our personal journeys and in the world we call home.