Always Been: Ji Min Hwang solo exhibition

29 September - 23 October 2022
Seefood Room is proud to present Always Been, a Ji Min Hwang solo exhibition between 29 September and 23 October 2022 at 3-4/F, 9 On Lan Street in Central.
Always Been is a walk down Hwang’s memory lane where she documents the precious moments in her everyday life where she finds small joy that gives her hope. Her works capture the fragments in life where her life views and personal experiences click together - she believes that we often overlook the small things in life that embody a certain spiritual quality. Within the spiritual dimensions behind the subtlety and obstacles we encounter in life, there lies a path to help us reveal our potentials, strengths, and a sense of hopefulness to move forward.
There is always beauty within mundanity, just like there is always a silver lining even behind the darkest clouds. Look deep within you, connect with the freeze frames that Hwang has given life to through pigments and love, do you find the minute yet hopeful junctures in your life that have always been there with you?