Aperture: A group exhibition featuring Wing Chan, Iristography, and David Leung

27 October - 11 November 2023
SEEFOOD ROOM is pleased to present Aperture, a photography group exhibition featuring Hong Kong photographers Wing Chan, Iristography, and David Leung at 3/F, 9 On Lan Street in Central from 27 October to 11 November.
An aperture is defined as an opening, especially one that allows light into optical instruments to adjust the brightness of an image. Seemingly straightforward, its application in photography is exponential. It can distort perception, create depth in 2D graphics, enhance landscapes and intricate details, and much more. In this exhibition, the three photographers exemplify the boundless possibilities with their intriguing works exploring urban banality.
Despite being the most populated space on this planet, urban dwellers often struggle to express their loneliness experienced amidst the indifferent crowds. The crammed skyscrapers and busy crowds leave no room for empathy. Yet through the photographers’ lens, they show us the hidden corners of the cities radiating warmth and lost innocence.
Aperture is a place where light shines through. The images of these cityscapes remind us of the togetherness found in the shared sense of isolation - take a moment to soak up in the serenity encapsulated in the gentle ray seeping through the cracks in the concrete jungle that is our home.