Featuring Socko, Lennart Grau, EMU, Keeenue, Dustin Brown, Dallas Lee

18 August - 11 September, 2022
4/F, 9 On lan street, Central, Hong Kong

Opening from 11:00 to 20:00, Tuesday to Sunday
(Closed on Monday)

Inquire about the exhibition:

Seefood Room proudly presents TECHNICOLOUR DREAMS, a group exhibition featuring the works of Dallas Lee, Dustin Brown, EMU BB, Keeenue, Lennart Grau, and Socko. The exhibition will be from 18 August to 11 September at 9 On Lan Street, Central.

New York-based artist, Socko, uses raw textures and the familiar character he created, Dough, to bring us a sense of whimsical nostalgia in this world whilst Japanese artists, EMU and Keeenue, add a splash of bold colour tones and dynamicity with their works. German painter, Lennart Grau, and Hong Kong artist, Dallas Lee, show us the mundane world seen through an abstractified lens that connects reality and their subconscious dreams. Similarly, American painter, Dustin Brown uses his works to reflect on his emotional journey as one goes through life not only to seek, but also to create purpose.

The six artists have gathered to show us mundanity in technicolour - through pigments and textures, they have enlivened the monochromatic everyday life. By tapping into your wildest dreams, you too can find radiance and joy in the ordinary.




    Lee Wing Chi, Dallas (b. 1999) is a contemporary artist born and raised in Hong Kong specialising in oil and mixed-media works. After graduating from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a BA in Visual Arts, she has received positive recognition in the Hong Kong art scene.

    Lee is fascinated with the power of art and she intends to construct a world that connects her imaginations and the physical reality to fulfil her dreams and subconscious desires. She seldom dichotomizes her works as paintings or drawings since she believes that the blurred boundary brings her works to life.

    Recent exhibitions have taken place in Hong Kong’s Lemna of the Alchemist (2022), Art Central (2022), and 1999 Art Space (2022).



    Dustin Brown (b. 1995) is an American painter who explores the innate human desire for purpose through soft yet defined brushstrokes. Currently based in Charlotte, North Caroline in the USA, Brown paints mundane sceneries to reflect the emotional journey one experiences through ordinary everyday life.

    Recent exhibition has taken place at Goodyear Arts, Charlotte (2022).

  • EMU


    EMU is a Japanese artist born in Okayama Prefecture, Japan. After working as a graphic designer, he started working as an artist in 2016.

    EMU upcycles the woodchip waste found in his parents’ house to create minimalist sculptures and paintings with rudimentary forms and loud colours. The abstract 2D-humanoid figures playfully interact with the bright tones to create lively and dynamic compositions in his works.

    Recent exhibitions have taken place at Hello Gallery, Tokyo (2022), YOD Gallery, Tokyo (2022), and Akrilyc, London (2022).



    Keeenue (b. 1992) is a Japanese artist born in Kanagawa and she is currently based in Kamakura after graduating from the Tama Art University of Tokyo with a degree in Graphic Design.

    Keeenue’s works are a unique reflection of the world seen through her lens bursting with colours, abstraction, and liveliness. She experiments with diverse mediums, ranging from paintings to murals to bring her vision and a spark of positivity onto this world.

    Recent exhibitions have taken place at WAG GALLERY & PROJECT SPACE, Tokyo (2021), HARUKAITO by ISLAND, Tokyo (2021), Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo (2021).



    Lennart Grau (b. 1981) is a German painter currently based in Berlin. After acquiring MA and BA degrees in Fine Arts from the University of Fine Arts Berlin and studying Architecture at TU Berlin, Grau has focussed on establishing his mesmerising art style.

    Grau juxtaposes charming compositions against fluid brushstrokes and piercing colours to create optical illusions in a Rokoko backdrop. By balancing light and shadow on canvases, he continues to explore the prevalent decadence that is evident in the current society and produce reimagined still lifes.

    Recent exhibitions have taken place in Christine König Galerie, Vienna (2022), Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (2022), and Wittkielhof, Angeln (2022).



    Sae Hoon Jang,‘Socko’, (b. 1993) is a Korean-American artist who has created the much-adored illustrated character, Dough. Born in Seoul, South Korea, he moved to the USA to complete his studies
    at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

    Inspired by 90s cartoons, Socko has created an immersive world of his own filled with vibrant colours, raw textures, and most importantly, Dough. With Dough’s dolly eyes and childlike expressions, Socko hopes to bring a sense of whimsical innocence to this world and to create something that everyone can resonate with.

    Recent exhibitions have taken place at Galerie Zberro, Paris (2022), Kantor Gallery, Los Angeles (2022), and Lorin Gallery, Los Angeles (2022).